• Letter from the Editor:The future of the Collegian

    I am very pleased to announce that after months of preparation and planning the Collegian will be hosting its very own free app in both the iOS and Android market as earliest as the start of June! The Collegian will moving forward to bring you the information that you need and deserve!   The app [...]

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  • 5 Sexist Stereotypes Portrayed in Movie Heroines

      Today’s media sexually objectifies women to sell anything and everything. Our acceptance and tolerance of this behavior is the result of a sad truth that women are seen as “parts” while men are seen as “whole people.” This mentality has been ingrained in our minds so much that we sometimes miss or unconsciously accept [...]

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  • Undocumented, Unafraid: Sergio Garcia, undocumented immigrant, is fighting for his American dream

    One should never underestimate the drive of an individual, no matter how many obstacles they must overcome. In this day and age, millions of undocumented people living in the United States must jump hurdles symbolized as the rhetoric of laws, the rhetoric of hate, a poor economic status and the stagnant delay of a corroding [...]

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  • MC Spotlight: Munoz discusses lifelong learning

    One of the duties of Associate Dean Hector Munoz is to assist the adjunct instructors at Morton College. This March will mark Munoz’s seventh year at Morton College.   Born and raised in Chicago and the son of immigrant parents, Munoz never forgot where he came from. He has earned four bachelor’s degrees and three [...]

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Campus News
Apply for Collegian positions NOW!

By Rafael | Posted March 27, 2015

Applications for the 2015-16 school year are now open for the following Collegian positions:


- President (Editor-in-chief)

- Vice President (Editor)

- Secretary

- Treasurer

- Senator (Student Representative)


If you are interested in journalism, like to write or just want to be involved with campus news and events, a position in the Collegian might be just the thing for you!



- Download the application here

- Follow the instructions on the application. Fill it out as completely as you can.

- Turn in your application in person or by email by Wednesday, April 15.

Once we have reviewed applications, we will call those we are interested in for an interview.


Benefits to a position on the Collegian:

- Real experience working in a newsroom

- Opportunity to attend conferences

- Scholarship offered to editors

- Opportunity for press access to events


You may direct any questions to the Collegian advisors:

Rafael Navarro: rafael.navarro@morton.edu

Michele Mohr: michele.mohr@morton.edu

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