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Campus News
Aaron Lopez (right) tutors students in mathematics at the Individual Learning Center. Photo by Fabian Zermeno
Lopez Shares Experience as Morton College Tutor

By Fabian Zermeno | Posted November 24, 2015

The Individual Learning Center provides professional tutoring in writing, math and science. The ILC is open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday in room 236C.

Aaron Lopez (right) tutors students in mathematics at the Individual Learning Center. Photo by Fabian Zermeno



Aaron Lopez, a graduate from the University of Illinois in Chicago (UIC) with a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics, is a math teacher and a hands-on tutor at the Individual Learning Center at Morton College.  Nearing his second year as a tutor in the ILC, Lopez found that his passion for helping others reached beyond the network of sharing his prowess with numbers.


From alleviating the woes of remedial math students to assisting with perplexing calculus problems, Lopez has been able to gain an even deeper understanding of the subject that haunts many students. Lopez now has aspirations of earning his PhD in computer engineering. With hopes of sparking larger student interest to partake in the free professional tutoring, Lopez, whose motto is “we’re here, come on in,” shared his thoughts and experiences as a tutor thus far.


How has your experience as a tutor with the ILC been?


AL: I personally love it. The environment that Morton College gives to its students is very invigorating. A lot of students come in here with ease to try to get tutoring and we provide those services. They get excited, too, when they finally understand something that they didn’t in class and it’s an awesome face to see once you see the students comprehend a topic.


Have you found success helping students gain a better grasp on math?


AL: There have been challenges because a lot of students come from different academic backgrounds. However, Morton College does offer project CARE which is really nice because it offers students who do have a low academic background to get into college-level mathematics as soon as possible.

The other thing is that we offer a free computer program called My Skills Tutor, and any person that needs help in basic mathematics or reading and writing skills are able to get this program from us through My Skills Tutor and they connect us with anywhere they are. It makes studying anywhere an easy task. Anywhere else you would have to pay for it—here at Morton College they offer this service for free and I feel like that’s a huge advantage for the students.


How do you feel being part of Morton College’s tutoring center?


AL: I feel like I’m in a very good place right now because I’ve been a tutor at different places. Morton College really makes it very easy for students to obtain that kind of service that they need, especially one-on-one. Most of the other colleges often do group tutoring but don’t actually help you as an individual; they offer you tutoring where they are working with five different people. Students here have the advantage of having special one-on-one tutoring. At Morton College, tutors give students their undivided attention.


Do you enjoy the challenges you face, if any, from students who have a difficult time with math?


AL: I do enjoy the challenges I face because I learn a different method of looking at things. For example, when it comes to solving a given equation I do it the way I’ve been taught; however, if a student doesn’t understand it I go out of my way to try to approach it in different ways so that they will understand it because I understand that everyone learns differently and I try to cater to their academic abilities. As a result, I learn a different way of how to solve an equation and I learn something new as well.

I feel like I will always enjoy teaching students just because it’s a challenge and I always like to strive up to that challenge. Through helping students I’m also helping myself get a better grasp of the material that I teach.


What message would you like to relay to students who have a difficult time with math but do not want to come to the tutoring center?


AL: Try to make an appointment as soon as possible, even if you feel like you do not need help right now, just make an appointment because a week from now you’ll probably need help for a specific topic that your professor is going over in class. You’ll be able to come to us for any questions that might arise in the future. You can receive help and we’ll go over some of the problems you went over in class just to make sure you understand it.

All of the tutors here enjoy the same passion I do, which is why most of us have been here for a while now. Students can use our passion to help them succeed in the classroom because it gives us a greater joy of seeing the students pass and succeed once they go off to their respective universities.


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