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Campus News
Letter from the Editor: Going mobile

By Jesus J Montero | Posted December 10, 2014

The Collegian has successfully launched its very own mobile app on the Android and iOS market. This is a huge milestone for our publication that has catapulted us into a new age of student journalism.


Personally, I’ve seen many students reach new heights in their academic career with the Collegian. All that motivates me and reminds me of why students invest heavily in something that many frankly don’t care about.


I’ve learned something the hard way during my time at the Collegian. A vast majority of people just aren’t really interested in reading what’s going on campus. Granted, there are a select few students, staff and faculty members who offer comments almost after every issue.


A few of the important issues I’ve experienced as a member of the Collegian are: accreditation status, board reports and approvals, tuition increases, and the urgent search for a college president. These important issues at the time didn’t seem to interest students at all. As a student journalist I felt the need to approach each and every student I saw walking around on campus and tell them what important things were going on.


I admit that I had given up—because nobody seemed to care I stopped caring. That started something that I would like to change.


It’s hard and frustrating working against what you believe is in unwinnable battle.  As Editor-in-chief and now Production Manger, the priorities of the Collegian have shifted. Ultimately deciding on the content and focus of the material within our publication I feel like I’ve given my student journalist civic duties to the likes on Facebook and the trendiness on our opinions.


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen a huge amount of success coming from this shift. The amount of print copies I collect after every circulation shrink each time. Our website content and readership has nearly tripled compared to last year. In November alone our view/hit count was at an all-time high at 260,446. (Data you can find by visiting collegian.morton.edu).


Sure we became a more “popular” publication, but at what cost? With the end of the fall semester this week I would like to say two things. First, good luck with finals, may they be in your favor. Secondly, with our newfound success and a new growing group of student journalists, the Collegian has a new mission of leading students to start caring about the news. We will invest in what’s going on around us and report the important issues that our students are facing today.


With this new direction the Collegian will be going through many changes in the coming semester. Please be patient, this may take many attempts but together we can succeed. Our app will network all of our Collegian resources and a few of the resources on campus that students use on a weekly basis.  We will be able to provide push modifications to our users informing them of important news. All this can be done with the continuing support of our readers.


I hope every student enjoys the winter. Happy Holidays, and download the Collegian app today.



If you’re interested in joining the Collegian, please email me at jesusjmontero@yahoo.com.

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