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  • Breaking: Dana Grove resigns as Morton College president

    On Monday morning an email was sent on behalf of the Morton College Board of Trustees informing the staff and faculty of President Dana Grove’s resignation.     At the next regular Board of Trustee meeting, the Board of Trustees will officially receive and acknowledge Grove’s resignation. At that time, a plan will be outlined [...]

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Campus News
Gabriela Mata discusses her new role in Student Activities

By Arielle Vega | Posted October 6, 2015

Gabriela Mata graduated from Northeastern Illinois University this past May with a Bachelor of Arts in Latino and Latin American Studies. She stayed an extra year at NEIU because she really wanted to just gain more experience working with students, student organizations, student activities event planning and etc.


“I feel like I literally just walked across the stage not too long ago back in May,” Mata said. Shortly after graduation, she came to Morton College and has been the Student Activities and Leadership Assistant since June.


MC: What made you want to pursue this field of work?


GM: Ever since I can remember I have always been very involved outside of just academics. I always belonged to a different club or I was doing volunteer work. I was heavily involved throughout school. When I got to Northeastern I became part of a sorority, joined the Student Government Association and other clubs. Through the Student Leadership Development Office, where I had my internship, I was exposed to the different student clubs and organizations and how different they were. I really wanted to work more with them. Outside of that I really enjoy event planning and working with students.


 I care a lot about developing students when it comes to learning skills about general life skills, professional skills, anything that really helps them that oftentimes they don’t tend to learn in class. I always knew that I wanted to work with students and I knew that I didn’t want to be a teacher. It took me a really long time to really find a field that was going to do both. I didn’t necessarily want to work outside of a school, like an after school program or anything like that. I really wanted to work with students that were not necessarily in high school but that were already in college. I knew that I wanted to work at a college level but I just wasn’t really sure exactly how or where.


I knew that I wanted to work with students directly and I wanted to help develop students as well as making sure that they are learning outside of the classroom. I decided to stick with this route and so far I absolutely love it. I think that all of the students here at Morton College are amazing. So far I think that we have done wonderful things and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester holds.






How do you feel about being the new “Rudy”? Have you heard anything about him?


I hear a lot of great things about [Rudy Yañez] and I really do love to know that he was very close to a lot of the students. Again because that’s one of my goals and that’s kind of why I chose Morton College because I want to grow closer to the students. I really want to develop relationships with the students with them. So it makes me really happy to hear that the students loved the person before me and it makes me feel like the students definitely knew that there was someone on campus that they could either relate to or that they can go to for any questions that they had.


I really hope that I do become that for a lot of our students. I understand that it is a really hard transition to go from someone that the students were used to seeing and used to having on campus to someone completely brand new. I really do try to go to the different events that we have outside of our own and I do try to have these conversations with students. I really hope that students also see me as not just as a resource but someone they can talk to.


Do you have a message for the students, anything you would like to let them know?


Well I have an open door policy and my door is literally always open. If it’s not, I’m never bothered by anyone who walks in. So if ever I am needed whether it’s just an off-the-record conversation or someone that needs help because they are trying to be involved or something that is related to their club or organization, or even if they are unsure about applying to a job or internship or even transferring to a four-year institution. I’m all ears whether it’s just to have a quick conversation or just helping them out with their résumé or looking over anything that they are currently needing help in.


I feel like I can relate to a lot of the students because I’m from the area and when I first started college I was a little shy in a way. So if anyone wants to just talk about being involved or being more involved I’m definitely the right person to talk to. I have experience anywhere from Greek life at a four-year institution to SGA to event planning. So I’m definitely a great resource for any student.

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