• MC Spotlight: Munoz discusses lifelong learning

    One of the duties of Associate Dean Hector Munoz is to assist the adjunct instructors at Morton College. This March will mark Munoz’s seventh year at Morton College.   Born and raised in Chicago and the son of immigrant parents, Munoz never forgot where he came from. He has earned four bachelor’s degrees and three [...]

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  • 5 Sexist Stereotypes Portrayed in Movie Heroines

      Today’s media sexually objectifies women to sell anything and everything. Our acceptance and tolerance of this behavior is the result of a sad truth that women are seen as “parts” while men are seen as “whole people.” This mentality has been ingrained in our minds so much that we sometimes miss or unconsciously accept [...]

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  • President Grove discusses new building at Morton College

      The Collegian sat down with Morton College President Dana Grove about the updates on the new building expansion set to have its ground-breaking ceremony following graduation this year.   The new two-story building was first reported by the Collegian when Gov. Pat Quinn announced a $4.5 million capital investment in classroom addition. There hasn’t [...]

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  • Letter from the Editor:The future of the Collegian

    I am very pleased to announce that after months of preparation and planning the Collegian will be hosting its very own free app in both the iOS and Android market as earliest as the start of June! The Collegian will moving forward to bring you the information that you need and deserve!   The app [...]

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Campus News
1st floor plan
Construction Update: New building addition to start construction

By Jesus J Montero | Posted April 16, 2015

Morton College President Dana Grove announced today new information regarding the construction of the new building which will begin on Monday, April 27.


Below is a screen shot of the information or you can view it here. 



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