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Coming Out Day/LGBT awareness month

By Arielle Vega | Posted October 30, 2014

There is evidence that the first gay couple existed in Egypt in 2400 B.C. Since then, there have been numerous celebrities, artists and politicians who have come out of the closet.


Coming Out Day, or C.O.D.,  was founded Oct. 11, 1988 to create awareness and discussion of LGBTQ issues in the United states. C.O.D. was founded on the first anniversary of the march on Washington for lesbian and gay rights in 1987.


In the original rainbow flag there were eight colors: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, indigo and violet.Pink signifies sexuality, red means life, orange means healing, yellow means sunlight, green means nature, indigo means magic, turquoise means serenity and violet means spirit.


Throughout the years the LGBTQ community has gained many supporters, so the Collegian looked for “allies” and “fierce allies” at Morton College.


Jakelin Corral, a freshmen at Morton College, spoke about the first thing that comes to mind when she hears the words “coming out.” “Courage,” Corral said. “It takes a lot of courage to come out and share it with people.”


Every year there are many people who participate in Coming Out Day, such as Destiny Lopez, a freshmen at Morton College. “It’s fun because I am not ashamed of showing my true self,” Lopez said. “No one really says anything besides asking questions. It’s just a chance to show people that you’re happy about who you are.”


“I think gay people should have the same rights as any other person,” Jasmine Guerrero, a sophomore at Morton College, said. “They should not be picked on or judged. It’s their life not anyone else’s.”


Steven Kuta, a sophomore at Morton College, spoke about how accepting the world will be of gay people 10 years from now.“I think society is going to let them live the life they want without having any restrictions,” Kuta said. “We as a nation have been very strict with our rules. I personally think that people should live there life the way they like. They are humans just like you and I. They deserve to be happy in their lives and not criticized for them being themselves.”


The issue still exists— there will always be skeptics, but there will always be allies, too. So just know that you’re never alone, and it gets better!

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