• Stories at Morton College serve as catalyst to Metsch’s journalism career

    By Morton College News | Posted May 30, 2015

    Steve Metsch

    Steve Metsch covered Ronald Reagan’s appearance at Morton College for The Collegian. He and his friends conducted an elaborate stake out of Bruce Springsteen’s hotel to meet “The Boss.” Metsch also exposed two professors who eventually went to prison for setting up a phony computer company to steal millions from a state school.   Pretty [...]

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  • Graduation pictures: Morton College class of 2015

    By Jesus J Montero | Posted May 27, 2015


    The following pictures were taken at the 2015 commencement ceremony for the 90th graduating class of Morton College. Photos taken by Francisco Dominguez.   Click on any of the imagines below to open the slideshow of all the grad pictures.     … Powered by Cincopa <a href=’http://www.cincopa.com/video-hosting’>Video Hosting for Business</a> solution.<span>Grad 2015 </span><span>Photo by [...]

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  • Why I Want to Be a Writer

    By Matt Jakubowski | Posted May 22, 2015

    Why I want to be a Writer

    Let me just start by saying that being a writer is not easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. There’s a lot that goes into be a great writer and many of these things can be learned through experience. I was never a fan of English classes, but as a [...]

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  • Short Story: Out of the Shadows (Part 7 – The End)

    By Matt Jakubowski | Posted May 10, 2015


    Andras makes it to the lake without realizing that Aaron is following him. It’s a cool night. There isn’t a cloud in the sky and the moon is full. The reflection of the moon can be seen in the calm water of the lake.   It’s around midnight and Andras still thinks he’s alone. Aaron [...]

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  • Collegian exclusive: MAKJ talks performing and DJ AM

    By Jesus J Montero | Posted May 3, 2015


    As a teen, Mackenzie Johnson, now better known as MAKJ, was pursuing a career as a professional race-car driver in China. It wasn’t until MAKJ purchased his very own DJ equipment and returned to the United States where he first explored his interest in DJing. Trained by the late DJ pioneer DJ AM, MAKJ has [...]

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