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Alejandra Murillo is your next Student Trustee

By Morton College News | Posted April 6, 2015



Alejandra Murillo a freshmen at Morton College will serve as Morton College’s next Student Trustee. Her term will begin this month and will end next year in April. Murillo will now act as the student representative on Morton College’s board of trustees. Murillo is currently involved  on campus with the Morton College Ambassadors Program (MAP), Campus Actives Board (CAB), serves as secretary of the Student Government Association, and is a reporter for the Morton College Collegian.



The Collegian’s Katharine C. Romero profiled Murillo along with the other candidates in an exclusive interview. You can view the whole article here. 


An excerpt on the Student Trustee elect Murillo from Romero’s article:

Photo: Micheal Kott Multi Media Department


“Alejandra Murillo’s journey at Morton College began when she was awarded the Academic Excellence Scholarship, which required 15 hours of community service and membership in MAP.


Murillo eventually ran for secretary of SGA and her community involvement took off. As a result, she has attended many conferences and covered them for the Collegian.


If elected Student Trustee, Murillo wishes to target student involvement as one of her main goals. Murillo wants to show students that being involved can change the experience completely, and wants students to feel the sense of community and acceptance that she has felt during her time at Morton College.


“People come here and they just try to get out right away, but definitely I want to make them feel like they can get involved here because it is a great way to build experience for what you would find at a university,” Murillo explained.


Another goal of Murillo’s is to build upon the works of former Student Trustees for the HOPE Scholarship.


“Omar Ruiz was able to set up donation boxes in Cicero and Berwyn, and I would really like to expand on that because Morton College isn’t just Cicero and Berwyn,” said Murillo. “I just want to have the HOPE scholarship reach out to new outlets and new neighborhoods.”


Murillo also hopes to think bigger with the HOPE Scholarship by pitching the idea to other outlets and use pages like GoFundMe as new sources of revenue.


Murillo was inspired to run for Student Trustee by Councilwoman Lorena Gonzalez from California, the keynote speaker at the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI) conference.


“So what if I lose? There is no shame in just putting yourself out there. A little embarrassment shouldn’t get in the way,” Gonzalez said about running for office.


 “That’s what made me to decide to run for Student Trustee. You got to risk it to get the brisket,” Murillo said.


What Murillo believes makes her stand out from the other candidates is her preparedness for the role of Student Trustee. As a result of her involvement with SGA, MAP and the Collegian, and her mentorship from club leaders, she is aware of how Student Activities and college affairs operate.”


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