• Poem: Desire

    By Arielle Vega | Posted March 10, 2016

    deirse cover image

    Desire, can be fueled by many things.   Desire, is a fantasy that you desperately want to become reality.   Desire, is the impulse to do something without hesitation.   Desire, is an act that you will commit at any cost.   Desire, is a consequence of an unfulfilled temptation.   And when that desire [...]

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  • Poem: Words

    By Arielle Vega | Posted February 16, 2016


    Words, a string of letters. Words, take hold of the thoughts in one’s mind. Words, give life to the thoughts once imagined. Words, are the base to everything ever created.    

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  • Poem: Distance

    By Arielle Vega | Posted February 16, 2016


    Distance… long, difficult. and painful. Sometimes awkward. Usually one-sided if not always. If the gap is not bridged, then it will only become bigger.

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  • Feminism: A Socialist Perspective

    By Zahid Alvarez | Posted January 1, 2016

    fem by Banksy

    When asked who he would like to see be elected president in 2016 on an episode of “Ellen,” pop singer Pharrell Williams said he would like to see Hillary Clinton become the first women president in the country’s history. “It’s time for a woman to be in there,” Williams said. “Women think about things in [...]

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  • Christmas Memories

    By Arielle Vega | Posted December 17, 2015


    Christmas Memories… Setting cookies and milk out as bait, Staying up late to catch Santa, Waking up early, Illuminated tree, Surrounded by gifts, smiles and laughter. Helping cook, Eating together, Great food, Grabbing seconds, And food comas.

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  • Poem: Darkness Falls

    By Matt Jakubowski | Posted December 9, 2014


    As darkness falls across the land A war wages on a scale so grand Civil unrest is just the beginning Don’t forget what you’re defending Greed and corruption are masked in illusion The media causes mass confusion It’s hard to tell what’s fact or fiction When everything that’s said is a contradiction Don’t forget where [...]

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