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Review: Disturbed ‘Immortalized’ in Heavy Metal History

By Matt Jakubowski | Posted September 23, 2015


Disturbed has come out of a four-year hibernation to rock the world once again. Their newest album, “Immortalized,” is their first studio album in nearly five years. The album packs quite a punch and it is significantly better than their last studio album “Asylum.” “Immortalized” is not just helping Disturbed become immortalized in heavy metal history, but it’s also making a statement.


“Immortalized” contains 13 tracks with three bonus tracks and runs a little over an hour long. In the past there have been arguments about how all Disturbed songs sound the same. This is somewhat true but Disturbed has a very distinct sound and their songs are easy to identify. Everything on this album has that distinct Disturbed sound that fans love.


Being their first studio album in five years, it greatly exceeded expectations. It is filled with songs that have heavy guitar riffs and pounding drums lines. Like previously stated, the album is also a statement. With Disturbed being on hiatus there was no indication that they would ever make a comeback, but they are still here and they haven’t gone anywhere.


Of all the songs, the most notable and different is the cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence.” The band put an eerie and dark, but also calming twist on this classic song. It has a completely different sound from every other song on the album and it is arguably the album’s best.


If you are a longtime fan of Disturbed or a new fan, “Immortalized” is worth a listen or purchase. It gives hope for the future of the Chicago band.

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