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DREAMERS at Lollapalooza 2016

By Jose Burgos | Posted August 17, 2016

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DREAMERS | Photo:  Jose E. Burgos

DREAMERS performed for the first time at Lollapalooza. The show celebrated its 25th year anniversary by extending the event to a 4 day weekend starting on Thursday and ending Sunday. The show overall turned out to be a huge success so much that it was officially announced that the show would be hosting a second four day weekend in 2017.

The band was formed in Brooklyn by Nick Wold (guitar, vocals), Chris Bagamery (drums, backup vocals ), and Nelson (bass, backup vocals). The three performed at Lollapalooza where thousands and thousands of people gathered together to enjoy and get to share their  love for music. The show was one of the biggest shows they’ve performed in yet. Even the president’s daughter Malia Obama was present all four days. It was disclosed during the interview that they grew up listening to Jane’s Addiction and all the rock bands in that genre. The band loved every bit of the show and it was a dream come true to be able to perform at Lollapalooza.

Collegian: First and foremost, how did the band name, DREAMERS, come about?

DREAMERS: We came up with it after we recorded our first EP and we just thought about names for a long time while we were in Virginia. We think that kind of what we hope to be is the people in the world who dream, and think and think about things other people don’t get to or have the time to. That’s kind of what an artist is to us, so that’s what we hope to be.

Collegian: You just played at one of the biggest and most beloved show in the country, where even the president’s daughter comes every year. Did you ever imagine performing at Lollapalooza?

DREAMERS: We love the Obamas. Yes we do. No, this is my first time and I didn’t know what to expect but we are excited. We have never even been to Lolla before but of course we know it’s one of the best festivals everyone wants to play. I have been watching footage following bands that were playing at Lollapalooza since I started listening to music. I’m wearing a Jane’s Addiction shirt right now. No, it’s a huge deal. I mean definitely when I was learning to play and listening to those garagebands when Lolla started- yep it’s definitely been a dream.

Collegian: Your song wolves has been a big hit. Can you elaborate on how the song came about? Did you play the tunes and then wrote the lyrics or did you write the lyrics and then the tunes?

DREAMERS: Almost always end up writing music first, and lyrics afterwards. Not because I feel like it’s better but because it works for me – always. It’s like we write a ton of music, and then maybe like crappy demos, like garageband, kind of just play for people. It kind of becomes obvious  what everyone likes and what isn’t’ working you know you take some time away from it and you come back and you’re like aw that sucks. As soon as  you say that, your friends are like that’s awesome! It’s like a process, that’s definitely part of it. And then people are like that’s a great song, and you’re like alright you work on it some more and then finally. The favorites reveal themselves like when we recorded Wolves we recorded a bunch of other songs we didn’t know that one was gonna be the single. It eventually rose to the top. Everyone’s like that song, I like that song. Ok,  you like that I’ll play it for you.

Collegian: A little more personal question for Nick. I understand you were living out of the rehearsal space for a while. What drove you to make that decision? I imagine it wasn’t easy, so what kept you going throughout the course?

DREAMERS: Yeah it wasn’t too easy but it was definitely by choice. It was a time my whole band had broken up and I wanted to get more serious than ever had been about music. I just like need to stop spending less time working at the bar so I started working one day a week and I couldn’t afford rent so I just lived in the practice space and I was kind of like just writing boot camp from here on out. I have to write all the time. It was like a really great period and I felt like just like mentally took like go outside of the box of normal comfortable life like I have to do this, this is my life now. I ended up writing hundreds of songs. It’s good. I recommend it.

Collegian: I saw your performance last night at Park West. It was exceptionally well executed. The fans loved the music. The setting of the venue gave it an intimate feeling. In comparison, how was the experience with such a large crowd here today?

DREAMERS: Every show we play is drastically different. It’s not so much depending on how many people are there or how large the crows is. It depends on the vibe. So today the crowd were there to see us and it created a really positive vibe for us. I think we perform on a different level when we’re given that.


Last night they were there to see Third Eye Blind which we don’t blame them. But also that’s a whole different game we are trying to convince people that we are legitimate. And this is their first impression of the band, what’s wrong what’s real, and so that’s also a great thing too, you get feedback from these people who’ve never heard your band, hearing your songs for the first time and it’s like they give you the most honest opinion of what you did.


The bottom line to every show is, the audience is such a huge part of the performance always. I don’t think people realize that when going to see shows but the audience is half of it. If we have a great audience, we feel good. It’s the same thing, it goes back and forth.

To see where they all be performing next. Their song “Wolves” has become one of their top songs, receiving over 1.7 million listeners on Spotify.


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