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Review: Five Finger Death Punch Disappoints with ‘Got Your Six’

By Matt Jakubowski | Posted September 23, 2015


Five Finger Death Punch’s newest album, “Got Your Six,” is less than perfect. There was speculation as to whether this album would even be released after the band had an onstage meltdown in Memphis in May. On top of that, lead singer Ivan Moody was accused of domestic violence in August, but all charges were dropped. The band has really put their fans on the edge of their seats these last few months.


After releasing both volumes of “The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell” in 2013, no one knew how the new album would sound. The simple answer is that it’s different from the last two albums.


“Got Your Six” has 14 songs and is about 45 minutes in length. It’s a very aggressive and in your face album, much like “The Way of the Fist” and “War is the Answer.”


The main problem with the album is the lyrics, which are generic with a generous helping of profanity. “Question Everything” is really the only song on the album that sounded like they tried to do something different and over the top.


It’s clear that the band wanted to write something that sounded angry and aggressive and that’s exactly what “Got Your Six” is. The songs on this album are fast-paced and heavy. Aside from “Digging My Own Grave,” the album doesn’t have any slower songs. A lot of fans enjoyed songs like “Coming Down” from “American Capitalist” and “Battle Born” from “The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Vol. 2.” It’s a bit of a shock that they didn’t put songs like that on “Got Your Six”.


If you are a metal band it’s hard to do anything right in the eyes of fans. If you write heavy songs consistently, you are accused of never trying something new and fans hate you. If you try something else fans complain about you being a sellout and they hate you. It always seems like a lose-lose situation.


Although “Got Your Six” is nod to their older, heavy stuff, it could have used more work lyrically. The guitars and drums sound great and the vocals sound great. It just needs to have less generic lyrics to go from a good album to a great album.

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