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Helpful Holiday Cooking Tips

By Arielle Vega | Posted December 15, 2015

holiday baking

Serving/storage tips:

  • Cut the meat across the grain. It will be easier to eat and will look much better.
  • Don’t refreeze cooked and thawed foods.


Baking/cooking tips:

  • Use the shiny cookie sheets to ensure the best baking.
  • Don’t grease your cookie sheets too much. If you do it will make the cookies spread out too much and turn dark brown at the bottom.
  • Don’t use dark cookie sheets for baking because they can cause cookies to turn dark at the bottom.
  • Fresh lemon juice will remove the smell of onions from your hands.
  • If you put too much salt in the gravy, then stir in a little instant mash potatoes to fix it. Add more water if needed.


Too much salt:

  • If your gravy starts to separate, add a pinch of baking soda to get the fats and oils to stick back together.
  • If your stew or soup is too salty, add a few pieces of raw potato. Next boil it for a few minutes, then remove the pieces of raw potato. Repeat with fresh, raw pieces if necessary.
  • Apples and sweet potatoes won’t turn black if you place them in salt water right after they are peeled.
  • Rinse your sauce pan with cold water before heating up milk in it because this will make sure that the milk does not stick to the pan.

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