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Review: Iron Maiden’s Newest Masterpiece Doesn’t Disappoint

By Matt Jakubowski | Posted September 23, 2015


Heavy metal titan Iron Maiden recently released its highly anticipated 16th studio album “The Book of Souls.” After the initial completion of the album, lead singer Bruce Dickinson found out he had a cancerous tumor in both his head and neck. The band decided that they wouldn’t release the finalized version of the album until Dickinson was done with his treatment. Cancer free, Dickinson and the band are ready to rock the world once again.


It has been five years since Iron Maiden released a studio album, and “The Book of Souls” is nothing short of a masterpiece. The album is the first ever double album from the band and it is over 90 minutes long. It has three songs that are over 10 minutes long and the closing track is 18 minutes long. “The Book of Souls” is something different, but it also has flavors of older Maiden.


Some notable things about the album are that it starts off with a song called “If Eternity Should Fail” and it is reminiscent of the track “Satellite 15…The Final Frontier” off of the album “The Final Frontier.” Although it’s reminiscent, it’s definitely not a copy. The two songs are completely different and they each have their own unique sound.


The 18-minute closer “Empire of the Clouds” is the longest song in Iron Maiden history and is a masterpiece on its own. Iron Maiden has been known to create epic pieces of music that tell a story and this song is no different. The song takes you on a journey and it leaves you wondering how a band could create such an amazing work of art.


“The Book of Souls” brings back the familiar “galloping” pattern that many Iron Maiden songs have used in the past. Some would say they ran out of ideas and are just recycling old music. The reality is they are reinventing themselves and their sound while still remaining the heavy metal band they have always been. The guitar solos on the album are absolutely incredible and it’s easy to see that even though they are old, they still have so much creative power left in them to produce astonishing music.


It was hard to believe that when Iron Maiden announced they were coming out with a new album that it would be any good. They have released outstanding albums in the past, but no one has heard any new music from them in a long time. The release of “The Book of Souls” proved that no matter how long fans have to wait between albums, Iron Maiden will still put out music that is nothing but extraordinary.

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