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Mexican Group Brings Rock & Roll to Ruido Fest

By janelly acosta | Posted July 21, 2016


Day one of Ruido Fest was kicked off by the Mexican band Comisario Pantera. With their funky rock and roll music, Comisario Pantera was the first group to captivate a large audience.


Comisario Pantera was formed in Milpa Alta, Mexico in 2005 by Dario Vital, Piojo, and Iván Vidauri. Roger Davila joined the band in 2011. Comisario Pantera worked independently until 2014, when they signed to a record label. In 2015 the group released their album, “Tiempos Mejores” recorded by the Argentinian Pablo Romero, the legendary “Arbol” band member. 2015 also marked their debut in the United States, as they toured the west coast.


Currently the band it promoting their singles Amiga (Friend) and Perfecta (Perfect) from their album “Tiempos Mejores” in a tour consisting of the United States, Mexico and South America. The single Amiga was produced by Sebastian Krys, winner of the Latin Grammy award “Producer of the Year”.

Comisario Pantera in Ruido Fest. Photo by: Janelly Acosta



Two of the band members were not able to attend the festival, lead vocalist of the group Vital reported, “Under those circumstances we were hesitant on performing. The good thing is we made the right decision to play and the people did enjoy it.” Vital continued by saying, “We do have hopes in coming and showing our hard work. Because a band is formed over many years of hard work. In a group there are many difficulties from buying a guitar to successfully recording an album. And that’s the difference between many bands. The good bands, no matter the challenges will find the right paths, whether it being economically or finding a good sound”.


The up and coming group expects the Ruido Fest “audience to listen and actually enjoy the music,” said Vital. Although any band would agree that their audiences are highly important, they “don’t consider the fans the reason why the music is made, but rather the music is made simply because we like it,” responded Vital. In addition the group hopes that the, “music last, well if it’s good, and to gain its place with the people. As well as parents to pass it down to their kids,” commented Vital.

Comisario Pantera kicked of their set with songs the “Perfecta” and “Eramos Adolecentes”. Although the band was two band members short, they were able to captivated the audiences with their music that resembled rock & roll in the late 1940s. The set reached its climax when they performed their hit songs “Amiga” and “Aire”.


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