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Preview: Ruido Fest’s La Maldita Vecindad

By Jose Burgos | Posted June 16, 2016

La Maldita Vecindad | Credit: Archive

Ruido Fest will be celebrating its second year since it was established in 2015 as the biggest Latin American festival in world.


In 2015, the Mexican rock bands Café Tacvba, and Zoe headlined the show exceeding the expectations of fans. This summer, Ruido Fest it will be bringing yet another Mexican band just as influential as Café Tacvba and Zoe. The Mexican rock band, La Maldita  Vecindad will be performing in this year’s show along with Argentine band Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Chilean band La Ley, and many more.


La Maldita Vecindad is one of the most influential Spanish rock bands in Mexico’s history as well as one of the founders of Spanish rock in Latin America dating back to the late 1980’s. Gaining fame in the early 90’s with their album, “El Circo” and their most famous songs, Kumbala and Pachuco, the band sings of a past generation that had class and dignity. As they hold strong to their Mexican roots, the original band members continue to perform across Mexico and in other countries because of their passion for music.


The band has a distinctive sound compared to similar bands. Their music is described as rock, punk, ska, salsa with a touch of traditional Mexican music such as danzon and bolero, setting it apart from the traditional one band sound. An excellent example of their vast array of genres is their well known song, Kumbala, that has a salsa beat. The song has a soulful sound to it, very traditional and very classy. Their song, Pachuco on the other hand, has a strong punk rock sound with a fast paced rhythm.  The band goes from salsa to punk rock in a matter of a song, and that’s what people enjoy the most, being able to listen to a variety of music genres from a single artist.


The festival will be held again for three days at the Addams/Medill Park near Pilsen this July 8-10. The band is scheduled to perform on Saturday June 9th. Three day passes are still being sold at


La Maldita Vecindad | Credit: Archive

La Maldita Vecindad | Credit: Archive


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