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Ruido Fest Survival Guide

By janelly acosta | Posted May 22, 2016


Before the Festival


-Double check, triple check, and if you have time quadruple check that you have your tickets ready for Ruido Fest before you leave to the festival. There’s nothing worse than arriving at the festival gate and realizing you forgot the tickets on your dresser.


-If you are attending the festival with a group, remember to have everyone’s phone number in case one of you guys wonder off.


-Make sure you prepare an emergency kit. The kit should include: hand sanitizer, toiletries, breath mints/gum, disposable toothbrush (optional), emergency cash.


-Make a list of the top performances you plan to watch. This will save time during the festival and allow you to enjoy the your favorite artist.


-Take a picture of of the festival stage layout. This will help you to zoom from stage to stage in between performances.


At Ruido Fest


-If you are driving, write down where you parked. Their is nothing worse than looking for your car while the parking lot get filled with others looking for their own cars.


-Set up a meeting place for your group. This will be extremely helpful when you are getting ready to leave the festival. It reduces the chaos of looking for your friends who have wandered off.


-Place your belongings in a safe place, whether it be a purse, small backpack, or securely in your pocket.


-If you can stick to the buddy system. It’s always better to have someone watch your back.


-Lastly, enjoy Ruido Fest!


After the Festival


-Make sure you have all the members you arrived to the festival with.


-Double check that you all have your belongings.


- Leave the festival 15 minutes prior to ending. This can make a big difference between getting out in 5 minutes or being stuck in 1 hour traffic.


-Share pictures and videos of your experience on social media. Show your friends and family the incredible life experience!

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