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SirenXX makes Lollapalooza debut

By Jesus J Montero | Posted August 5, 2015

SirenXX at Lollapalooza. Photo by Jesus J. Montero


Longtime Los Angeles friends Skyler Stonestreet and Kat Ostenberg formed SirenXX in early 2014. Although their Lollapalooza debut was cut short due to the Sunday’s severe weather, SirenXX’s performance was filled with energy with unique vocals and heavy pop melodies.


Shortly after forming, SirenXX released their first single “I Think I Like You,” which led to a record deal with Warner Bros. Records.


SirenXX has also reached commercial and mainstream success with their work with The Chainsmokers. SirenXX co-wrote the hit “Kanye,” which currently sits at 7 million views on YouTube and well over 26 million plays on Spotify.


SirenXX is currently working on their first full length studio album which is set to be released in October.


“We’re really excited to show all of the other songs that we haven’t shown yet.” said Stonestreet. “Our record is going to be coming out in October, we’re really excited to update our audience with all the songs that people haven’t heard yet.” Osterberg later added that some of those songs from their new album will be featured in their Lollapalooza set. Stonestreet also added, “It’s pretty awesome our debuts will be at Lollapalooza.”


Being so new to the scene, SirenXX have created a lot of buzz for themselves. Performing at Lollapalooza is a milestone for many musicians careers but to perform as a duo that didn’t exist two years ago is a milestone altogether.


“It’s really awesome that people have responded in such a positive way,” Stonestreet said. “When we got into this we decided to start writing without any motive and people responded to it.”


Ostenberg shared the mutual feeling of excitement for performing at Lollapalooza. “That’s all anybody could ever ask for, doing what you love and people are responding to it. It’s awesome, it just means a lot.” said Ostenberg.


Stonestreet added her view on being on the same lineup along music legends. “It’s amazing being here with our name being on the same poster as Paul McCartney. We’re feeling pretty good about that (laughs).”


The longtime friends have been touring throughout the United States. Ostenberg noted their relationship as a huge part of their journey.


“We each used to do solo stuff. Coming together now we can’t imagine doing it ourselves.” Ostenberg added, “It’s nice to have someone with you going through knowing exactly what you’re going through.” Knowing each other for about six years before becoming SirenXX the two members look to each other when it comes to this newly found attention.


“It’s really awesome to have this support and it’s fun to share that with your friends. It’s fun to have and being friends that you can do this together,” Stonestreet said.


SirenXX at Lollapalooza. Photo by Jesus J. Montero


Stonestreet had a recently encounter of the song “Kanye” just a week before Lollapalooza.


“I was shopping the other day and it came on and I was still freaking out.” Ostenberg had a similar reaction when she first heard the song. “We were actually on the way to play with The Chainsmokers when we first heard it on the radio and we just started screaming and freaking out. The Uber driver that was driving us freaked and asked what was going on.”  Stonestreet added, “It will never get old.”


Stonestreet also shared a bit of what happened for the production of “Kayne”.


“The production changed quite a bit it evolved into so many different styles in one.” said Stonestreet. “It started out as a less EDM track and evolved and went into so many different worlds. It so pretty cool seeing the song being formed into that.” The success that came from “Kanye” was both surreal and exciting for the both of them. “It was really excited to see all the streams and hits coming in. It was crazy because there was so many people listening to it. Not just my mom or my friends that were listening to it, its 20 million people.” said Stonestreet.


SirenXX’s excitement and energy were palpable.


“We’re ready to get hyped! We have a lot of energy on stage. We’re ready to run around and to get people going.” said Stonestreet. Ostenberg also added her excitement for their performance. “It’s going to be the last day but the most memorable one.”

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