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Review: Trivium Reinventing Their Sound

By Matt Jakubowski | Posted October 20, 2015


On Oct. 2, Trivium released their new album “Silence in the Snow.” Trivium’s older stuff, with the exception of “The Crusade,” was heavy and the lyrics were screamed for the most part, which can be a headache for many people. For those that love that sort of music, it was pure bliss. “Silence in the Snow” is nothing like that.


Since “Vengeance Falls,” Trivium have started to evolve their sound. “Silence in the Snow” continues on that path as they move away from screaming the lyrics and toward actually singing them. This isn’t a bad thing. It gives Trivium a new, refreshing sound to their music.


“Silence in the Snow” has 11 tracks, two bonus tracks, and runs for about an hour. The songs are sung very well while accompanied by pounding drum lines and heavy guitars. It’s always impressive seeing how Matt Heafy is able to sing songs while playing seemingly complicate guitar lines at the same time.


While the solos on the album don’t disappoint, as a whole it takes some getting used to. For a band that could once be labeled as “hardcore” this album is the complete opposite. It’s as far from hardcore as you can get. “Silence in the Snow” is not what many thought it would be. It has a sound that many won’t like in the beginning, but it grows on you.


It’s quite a change from their old stuff. For fans that have come along for the journey it’s easier to accept. It’s clear the band wants to change their sound—in doing so they are showing who their influences are. This isn’t bad because many of us are influenced by many different things. Many of their influences didn’t scream lyrics and that is what Trivium is trying to do now.


Bands are allowed to change over time. They find new identities and write music that many people never think they would write. Without experimentation, music would be dead. Will their next album be like “Silence in the Snow” or will it go back to their older stuff? If they follow the trend they’re on, it’s possible that the next album will be an extension of “Silence in the Snow”.

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