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Vérité carves own path to Lollapalooza

By Jesus J Montero | Posted August 5, 2015

Vérité at Lollapalooza. Photo by Jesus J. Montero


New York-based singer-songwriter Kelsey Byrne, better known as Vérité, made her presence known on Sunday over Lollapalooza weekend. With two fairly successful EPs under her belt, “Echo” and “Sentiment,” Vérité is set to make her mark in today’s pop music.


Byrne’s newly found fame is something she has had to get used to on her road to success. Lollapalooza weekend was a busy week for Vérité as she performed throughout the city.


“I’m playing an after show opening up for the Wombats at the Double Door, which is sold out which is crazy to me. It’s always nice to know people will show up (laughs).” Vérité also admitted, “I always get nervous nobody is going to show up so I’m really lucky to be here.”


What makes Vérité stand out is the amount of work she’s been able to do with her EPs and the connection she’s made with many of her fans. With her well-deserved attention for her music, performing at Lollapalooza is an opportunity she’s both excited for and humbled to being able to be a part of.


“I’m floored that I’ve made it here.” said Vérité. “A little less than a year ago it was the first show that I played with this project so it amazing to see the growth and the people that has come behind it. The fact that we booked Lollapalooza more than six months ago when the project was in its infancy, people believed in it and saw its potential. I’m just very humbled to be here and happy to be a part of it. I’m just trying to keep my nerves in check.”

Although she has received high acclaim for her past work, Vérité still believes she has a lot to get done.


“I’m absolutely an underdog here, I’m just say happy being a part of it,” she said. With a lot of anticipated buzz leading up at Lollapalooza, she feels like her job isn’t done when it comes to her music. “I feel for me there’s still this hustle that goes on and so much work has to be done and so much growth that needs to happen that I view myself as a constant underdog,” Vérité explained. “I kind of keep my expeditions low and my head to the ground and just do what needs to be done.”


Vérité at Lollapalooza. Photo by Jesus J. Montero


Vérité revealed to us that the “Echo” EP  was originally set to be a full length album.


“ I wasn’t exactly sure how to release but I had a lot of material for it.” Vérité added. “I just wanted to choose the four strongest statements from that original body of work.” With her work stretched over from “Echo” to her more recently released “Sentiment” EP, Vérité vision on future music has expended. “As I go on and get to write more music and work with different collaborators, adding different colors and vibes to the sounds that I want to limitlessly grow. I’m really excited for the creative possibility and I’m also very excited to try to create a sound in a world that’s my own and different enough.”


Vérité went on to explain her role in music: “I look at the landscape of female alternative pop artists and it’s very saturated, and I don’t very feel extremely intimidated because my goal is to carry out a distinct path for myself.”


Starting out as a writer at a young age, Vérité is now being viewed under a microscope for her writing as she progresses in her career. Writing forced her to face certain feelings that most otherwise would avoid.


“In the beginning, writing was very uncomfortable—to this day it actually still is. I love doing it, it’s this weird back-and-forth feeling I go through where I’m constantly confronting my insecurities and my inferiority complex,” Vérité admitted. “Thinking about certain feelings and circumstances I very much go inside myself when I write. But there’s nothing better than being able to perform that and to put that into the world and to have people respond to it, especially when everything winds up being so personal and it’s really an extension of myself, and it’s very interesting to watch people interpret it in their own different way, too.”


Along with her newly found success Vérité also receives attention across the globe. “My Brazilian fans are intense, I love it. It’s phenomenal, it’s definitely a trip and I think it’s the power of the internet and being engaged on social media and just trying not to eliminate anybody with the people I communicate with.”

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