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Whose Side are You On?

By Matt Jakubowski | Posted April 21, 2016


The Marvel Civil War is upon us. Events of the past have led up to this moment and nothing can be done to prevent it. Many people have died and many more will until things change. Tony Stark wants that change, but not everyone agrees with him.


In order to get there, several of our beloved comic book heroes will have to fight each other in a full on brawl in “Captain America: Civil War.” It’s an event that has and will continue to split fans of Marvel Comics. Is Captain America’s side right? Is Tony Stark’s side right? Is there a right answer? Is one team better than the other?


The simple answer is no. There isn’t a right answer and one team isn’t necessarily better than the other. Although the circumstances surrounding the need for Civil War differ between the movie and comics, the same message stands. Tony Stark wants heroes to be held accountable for their actions, both good and bad. Captain America is against that because it would mean revealing the identities of several super heroes.


Revealing the identities of the heroes puts them and people they care about in danger. Tony Stark has no issue with this because everyone knows who he is. Everyone knows that Steve Rogers is Captain America, but he still believes that identities should not be revealed. It would put people like Spiderman and Daredevil at a great risk. Not only that, but if the government can control the heroes, then they can control who the heroes fight. The government then has the power to tell them who the bad guys are instead of letting the heroes decide.


“Captain America: Civil War” will be a significant turning point in the Marvel universe. After this movie things will never be the same. They can’t be the same. It is such a pivotal moment that the fallout will be massive. Heroes won’t look at each other the same and some heroes will likely die. It will be hard seeing heroes we have grown to love fight each other and maybe even die, but it’s something that needs to be done in order to move forward.


So who wins, Team Cap or Team Stark? In the end it’s up to you to decide—there really is no clear cut winner, but certain things become clear to several heroes. Things can’t go back to how they were and they never will.

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