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Why I Want to Be a Writer

By Matt Jakubowski | Posted May 22, 2015

Why I want to be a Writer

Let me just start by saying that being a writer is not easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. There’s a lot that goes into be a great writer and many of these things can be learned through experience. I was never a fan of English classes, but as a writer, I can appreciate them so much more even though I constantly find myself looking up grammar rules.


This last year has been a lot of fun for me. I never really liked writing stuff and then posting it for other people to see. I didn’t want people to know where I stood on certain issues because I didn’t want to start any arguments. I realize now that it doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks as long as I’m doing something I enjoy.


I would encourage anyone that is interested in writing and wants their voice heard to join the Collegian. You get to meet a lot of cool people and you get to do some really awesome things. It is a lot of work, but I can promise you it’s worth it in the end.


Why do I want to be a writer? The answer is simple. I just want to do something I enjoy. I find writing both relaxing and fun. It allows me to tell stories, voice an opinion or even share an experience I’ve had.


I’ve had people tell me to get a job doing something that pays a lot. If I’m miserable at work, why would I want that job? I want to do something that I find so much fun that I don’t call it a job. Money has never been the driving force behind my career choice. It was always about doing something I loved and it took me almost five years of college to figure it out.


I don’t have to power to make anyone want to be a writer. I can only suggest it and hope that in the end you give it a chance.  Even if you find out you don’t like it, isn’t it better to have tried it out than to always wonder? They say college is all about trying out new things. If you’ve never written an article before, maybe now is the time to do it. I did it and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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