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Young band makes statement at Ruido Fest

By janelly acosta | Posted July 20, 2016

Sexy Zebras (2)

Day two of the Latin music festival, Ruido Fest, was taken over by the up and coming band Sexy Zebras. With their alternative rock music and outspoken personalities, the Spanish group was able to captive the attention of the audience.


Coming from Madrid, Spain, the rock band was formed in 2005 by Jose Luna, Gabriel Montes, and  Samuel Río. Currently the band is touring their way through Mexico and the United States with their new single “Hijo de Puta” (Son of a Bitch) from their album “Hola, Somos Los Putos De Sexy Zebras”. The band is currently not signed with any record label, but rather produces its own music in their record label Vagabundos. Sexy Zebras earned a nomination from the MTV EMA for “Best Spanish band”.


The band is known for their outspoken and wild personalities. When asked about the lyrics “I am a knife, and I’m here to defend what’s mine,” from their single HIjo de Puta, Rio, the drummer of the group responded, “We are defending love. It’s the knife of love. It’s the sword of love.”


We asked if Rio was talking in behalf of himself or the band as a whole,  Luna the main base player stepped in, “We are also against the abuse of the youth. And when power is abused. For us its personal, so when they steal from me I will rip their head off with my bare hands.”


In their music video Hijo de Puta, they portray many politicians including President Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Adolf Hitler dancing while wearing minimal clothing. Rio explained how they, “don’t defend any flag” and have no desire to influence their audience in any way. Rio spoke out by saying, “our only obligation is being honest with ourselves.


Sexy Zebras at Rudio Fest. Photo: Jesus Montero


Rather than singing about their political viewpoints the band rather, “talks about the things that happen (to them). So when a politician screws you over,  you talk about him. When your girlfriend leaves you, you talk about your girlfriend. As artist we have the responsibility with ourselves, not with our audiences.”. Sexy Zebras did not held back from expressing their strong believes, “If something bothers us, we say it. If we are in love, we say it. If I am torn apart because they left me, I say it,” responded Rio.


Rio concluded with, “The most honest and beautiful thing about an artist, is to be true with one’s soul, and that’s how we do it. Although sometimes our music is aggressive, it’s because we are enraged.”

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